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No matter how much boating experience you may have, no one is exempt from making this typical boating mistakes. Learn to recognize them before you make them.

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All Boaters Can Make Silly Mistakes

It’s not about your boating experience, even seasoned boaters can make silly mistakes out in the water. Accidents can happen to anyone, even in calm waters if you don’t take the necessary precautions. The best way to prevent making the most common boating mistakes is by knowing which one they are. Before you set out to spend your day in the water, take some time to go over this article.

Getting Distracted

What can go wrong when you’re just floating and relaxing on seemingly calm water? Many things! Water can be treacherous and change from one moment to the next. The briefest moment of inattention can lead you to crash or capsize. In fact, most boating accidents happen because the operator gets tired or distracted. They crash against markers, jetties, and other obstacles because they let their minds wander. You can relax and rest while you’re on your boat, just try to be alert and don’t lose your attention.

Forgetting to Install the Drain Plug

It’s not uncommon to forget to put in the drain plug before taking off. One can easily forget to plug it back in and end up with a boat full of water. Installing the drain plug is part of the basic procedure before launching. You need to check and double check before taking off into the water. Don’t forget that some boats have multiple plugs, so take care of each of them.

Omitting Basic Maintenance

One of the worst things that can happen while you’re in the water is that your boat starts acting up. There’s really not much to do at that point. However, you can prevent failure from happening by being up to date with your boat’s maintenance. There are plenty of simple tasks you can don’t your own before you take off. From cleaning the interior and exterior, checking the propeller, refueling the gas tank, to changing your marine oil. How frequently you need to get a synthetic oil change depends on your boat’s model and the hours of operation. Be sure to get the correct marine oil for your engine and don’t make the mistake of trying to use motor oil. Four-stroke and two-stroke engine use different oils and you can find both options within a single brand: AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. You can try their  10W-30 Synthetic Marine Engine Oil  or their Outboard 100:1 Pre-Mix Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil for your two-stroke.

Drinking and Boating

The gentle sway of the water and the sun on your back create the perfect setting to throw back a beer or two. But one beer can turn into to four or more and affect your ability to make smart decisions. The combination of beer and heat can cause dehydrate and lower your inhibitions even further. Not to mention that operating a boat while your blood alcohol concentration is over 80 mg is a criminal offense. Try to stay away from alcohol and stick to soda or water, let your passengers do the drinking in moderation

Not Being Prepared for Emergencies

You need to be sure that your vessel is well-maintained and safe before you depart the dock. You never know when an accident will happen or if there will be an emergency, and you need to be prepared. Make sure to have enough life jackets for you and your passengers and that you have the basic safety necessities. Talk to your passengers about simple emergency procedures and how to use the radio and emergency equipment in case you’re unable to do it yourself. It’s a good idea to prepare a float plan and file it before you go.

Overestimating Your Boating Knowledge

Truly the worst thing you can do is underestimate the water and overestimate your boating knowledge and skill. Accidents are not exclusive to novice boaters and usually, they can be prevented. Do yourself and everyone on board and study up on boating techniques and safety instructions. The key to remaining safe in the water lies within the captain.

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