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Are you wondering how to prepare for winter riding? Being prepared and taking the necessary precautions can make riding through these cold months very enjoyable. Learn some helpful advice in this article that Allons Synthetics in Mansfield has for you.

Riding through winter means paying close attention to many details, including wearing the correct gear and preparing your motorcycle. Riding in this cold weather can be dangerous. However, by being prepared and following some safety advice, winter riding can be an enjoyable experience. Learn more about this topic by reading this article that Allons Synthetics in Mansfield has for you today.

Wear Correct Motorcycle Gear

This should go without saying, but wearing the correct gear is crucial. For winter riding, one vital thing to do is to layer your gear. Start with a base layer (full sleeves, full leg) and layer your clothes and winter suit on top. Follow by using the correct gloves, preferably gloves with heated grips. We recommend you to wear a neck warmer, a tightly-sealed helmet, and winter riding boots. Don't forget to wear some thick socks. The weather conditions can get very tough, and wearing the correct gear can ensure both you and your motorcycle stay safe on the road.

Don't Ride When It Snows

Always check the weather before you go on any trip or ride. Never overestimate your abilities, as snow can challenge even the most experienced rider. Cold weather, ice, and wind can reduce your visibility and enable harsh road conditions. Black ice and ice patches can be hazardous. Avoid riding when it snows; it is best to skip a trip than to end up in a dangerous situation.

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Prep Your Motorcycle

  • Lights: Start by making sure your lights work and cleaning off any dirt or crud. If necessary, replace any light. Adjust the headlights for the dip and main beam for ideal performance.
  • Battery: During the cold season, batteries need to work extra hard. The cold weather presents a harsh environment for batteries, slowing the chemical reaction they go through. Check your battery and see what it indicates. If the reading says 12.6v, the battery is in good condition. Additionally, lightly grease the battery's terminals and ensure all connections are tight.
  • Tires: Cold tires equate to limited traction. To add heat to your tires, accelerate and decelerate quickly for a while. Be aware of traction. Also, ensure that your tires have adequate tread for winter riding.
  • Oil change: The best way to ensure your engine is protected on the road is by giving it an oil change. Using quality motor oil ensures that every component of the engine works smoothly and prevents corrosion. Before you embark on any adventure, make sure to visit your local mechanic and give your engine some much-needed maintenance.

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Be Mindful of How You Feel

Riding through hard weather conditions poses a challenge to your wellbeing. Along with ensuring your motorcycle is in proper condition, you must pay attention to your health and wellbeing while riding. Being exposed to low temperatures means your body has to work extra hard to keep itself warm. Therefore, you will lose energy much faster. Make it a point to make extra rest stops, hydrate, and eat some snacks to regain some energy.

Increase Your Visibility

When riding, increase your visibility and space. Leave more space between your motorcycle and the vehicles ahead to ensure you have enough braking distance. Additionally, increase your visibility to help you be able to recognize hazards before they happen. Having enough visibility can allow you to avoid many dangerous situations.

Give Your Engine Maximum Protection by Giving It a Synthetic Oil Change in Mansfield

For information on amazing products for your engine like AMSOIL's 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil, speak with a professional at Allons Synthetics. Ask about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Mansfield by calling (800) 558-4921. For more information on AMSOIL products and how they can save you time and money on your motorcycle's maintenance, visit the online store.

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