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Are you wondering what you can do to take proper care of your engine? Cleaning and giving your vehicle frequent maintenance is vital to ensure its long lifespan. Therefore, in this post by Allons Synthetics in Mansfield, you can learn the steps you need to take to clean your engine.

There is no better feeling than having a clean and shiny car. The best way to protect your car and ensure it has a long lifespan is to clean it and give it frequent maintenance. Therefore, cleaning your engine should be a priority. Don’t worry, this cleaning your engine isn’t a difficult task. Learn more about this topic and learn the steps to clean your engine by reading this article that Allons Synthetics has for you today.

Cool the Engine

If your engine was previously running, before you start your cleaning process, let your engine cool down. Lift the hood and let the engine cool for about 25 to 20 minutes. This step is crucial as working with a hot engine can lead you to get burnt. Also, engine components can get damaged when sprayed with cool water due to rapid contraction. Lastly, you will need to cover some electrical parts with plastic to protect them. Doing this step with a hot engine can lead the plastic to melt.

Remove Plastic Covers

After letting the engine cool down, start removing any plastic cover. You can wash your plastic covers separately. Now, think about what you prefer to do with the battery. Many people like to remove the battery to clean the engine. However, this isn’t a vital step. You can clean your engine without having to remove the battery. Nonetheless, you need to remove the battery's negative terminal to prevent any electrical component from getting damaged.

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Cover Electrical Components

The next step is to cover all the sensitive electrical components of the engine. To do so, the main thing you will need are small plastic bags. Take a bag and wrap it around components like the spark plugs, battery, the engine unit, ignition wires, the exposed engine air take under the hood, etc. Some people like to skip this step and prefer taking their time carefully rinsing the engine. However, we advise you to take the time to do this step to prevent any component from getting damaged.

Degrease the Engine

To degrease your engine, you can buy a purpose-made engine degreaser or use a household degreaser. Using a kitchen cleaner will work perfectly. Now, start thoroughly spraying the degreaser throughout the entire engine compartment. Spray from top to bottom, ensuring you cover all surface areas, including the small spaces. When spraying, be careful not to spray degreaser on your pain. Degreaser tends to remove the shine from automotive paint. If you happen to spray your paint, clean it instantly.

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Scrub off the Dirt

After spraying degreaser all over your engine, take a small brush with synthetic bristles, and start scrubbing. You may notice grease deposits, dirt, grime, and traces of caked-on oil. This is normal and happens to every engine overtime. To make this experience as safe and enjoyable as possible, we recommend you wear eye protection and gloves. This will help you prevent from being exposed to degreaser for a long period of time.

Rinse the Engine

To rinse your engine, take a normal power hose. It’s best not to use a high-pressure hose to rinse as doing so can lead to wires getting disconnected. Also, water could penetrate the plastic you used to cover the sensitive electrical components. Rinse from the back and work your way to the front. Take your time and ensure to remove all the dirt and degreaser left. If your engine is still dirty after rinsing, spray more degreaser and repeat the process.

Dry the Engine

To dry your engine, take a rag or a towel and start wiping every part of your engine. If you have the chance, use compressed air too dry—dry even the nooks and hard to reach places of your engine. If you notice any remaining dirt or grime, make an effort to remove it completely.

Protect Your Engine by Giving It a Synthetic Oil Change in Mansfield

For more advice on how to clean your engine, speak with a professional at Allons Synthetics. Learn about the best products for your engine like AMSOIL's Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil. For information on the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Mansfield, visit the online store or call (800) 558-4921 today.

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