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Are you thinking about repainting your car? Giving your vehicle a new coat of paint can be quite exciting but it might also be expensive and take more time than you think. Learn about different factors that go into repainting your car by reading this article by Allons Synthetics.

There might be many reasons to why you want your car to get a new paint job. Maybe you want to give your vehicle a whole new look, or maybe you want to cover up certain parts that have begun to rust. Whatever the reason might be, it's important to take a few factors into consideration before making the decision to get your car painted. Repainting your car can be expensive and might also take a lot of time. To ensure you make a conscious decision, read this article by Allons Synthetics in Mansfield.

Think about Your Budget

When it comes to car paint prices, there isn't a standard cost. Car paint jobs vary depending on the paint and quality of services you choose as well as it varies amongst service providers. Before you choose any place, make sure to do some research and ask for several estimates to ensure you get the price that is closest to your budget as well as consider the quality of job you are getting for each price. Prices may also vary depending on how much surfaces will be painted. Maybe you are only looking for getting specific sections of your vehicle painted, which is less expensive than getting your entire car painted. Painting is a laborious work, so ensure you are aware of every detail before committing to making the expenditure.

It May Take More Time Than You Think

Getting your car painted will take a few days, so ensure you prepare yourself for being without your vehicle for at least a week. Some paint shops give an estimate of three or four days, but in order to get a quality job usually more time is required. Depending on the state of your car and the repairs to its surface that might need to be done before painting, the turnaround time may vary. Make sure you learn the estimate of time your vehicle will need to be painted so you ensure you prepare yourself.

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It Doesn't Always Cover up Everything

Many people think that a car paint job will make their vehicle look like new and disguise the dings and dents it has. Unfortunately, this usually isn't the case. New paint usually makes the car look shiny, which can have the opposite effect, making any bumps, holes, and dents more noticeable than before. Before getting a paint job, it's best you take your vehicle for a holistic repair to ensure any damage is patched up and ensure you have a perfect surface before committing to a paint job.


You might find there are some "good deals" on the internet or on some painting shops which may be very tempting to take, but you should ensure to hire a professional to do this job. Your car was a big investment, so you should ensure to take the best care of it. Professional car painters know what it takes to do the job perfectly. There are differences in the quality of paints as well as professionals will usually spend up to 10 hours preparing the vehicle before spraying the paint. Hiring a professional ensures you get a quality job.

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Removing Car Interiors

One detail that a lot of people aren't aware about painting is that is that it requires removing the interior of your vehicle in its entirety. This includes the dashboard, seats, plastic consoles, and so on. Doing this allows for the painter to reach even the small and hard to reach places to give you a complete and quality job. Because of this, before taking your vehicle for a paint job, ensure you remove as much personal possessions from the car as possible. This helps the painter have an easier time performing the task as well as prevents you from loosing any personal belongings.

Is It Really Worth It?

Before making the final decision ask yourself, is my car really worth repainting? In most cases, repainting a car adds value to it and can allow the owner to sell their vehicle for a bigger price as its value in the market may increase. On the other hand, because paint jobs can be quite expensive, it's important to know if it may be worth it for your vehicle. If your car isn't in the best condition or is on the older side, find out the price of the vehicle in the market and consider if repairing it is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

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