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Are you wondering what actions you can take to extend your vehicle’s lifespan? If so, you are in luck because Allons Synthetics in Mansfield, OH, has some tips you can follow to ensure your car works at its best for as long as possible.

Every car owner’s dream is to ensure their vehicle works at its best and lives a long and happy life. There are simple habits you can develop to ensure your car stays by your side as long as possible. Keep reading this article that Allons Synthetics in Mansfield has for you to help you ensure your vehicle’s long lifespan!

Be Careful While Driving

Having bad driving habits will not only put you in a dangerous position but will fasten the process of your car deteriorating. It’s essential to pay attention to your driving speed, avoid quickly accelerating, doing quick turns, and overall all actions that will put your engine in stress and cause it to wear faster. Driving carefully will also prevent your tires from wearing out.

Give the inside of Your Car a Good Clean

It’s essential to clean the outside of your car but don’t forget to clean the insides too! Small pieces of garbage and other materials can build up and stay on your seats and other hard to reach places. It’s crucial to vacuum and sponge the interior of your car. Try and clean the insides at least once a month. Ensure you use the correct wand heads when vacuuming; you want to avoid a metal wand as it may scratch and damage surfaces.

If you want to extend your car’s life, give your engine the best products. Speak with a professional at Allons Synthetics in Mansfield, and learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change. Visit the online store to learn about amazing AMSOIL products or call (800) 558-4921 today!

Give Your Tires an Inspection

Your wheels are the ones keeping your car on the ground, so they should always be something you should keep in mind. Make it a habit to give them a check-up. Look at the tread, is it worn down? Are there any cracks or bumps on your tires? If this is the case, it’s time to have them replaced.

Don’t Forget About Your Oil Changes

Ensure to stay on top of your oil changes. Oil is what keeps your engine performing well and protected by ensuring every part is lubricated. It also helps your engine cool down and prevents your car from overheating. Ignoring oil changes can lead to the forming of sludge, which can lead to engine failure.

If you are looking for the best oil for your engine, speak with a professional at Allons Synthetics in Mansfield, OH. AMSOIL’s Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil will not only give your engine the best protection but will increase its performance. For more information, call (800) 558-4921 today!


Taking your time repairing something small may not be very detrimental for your car, but leaving repairs for later can lead to them piling up and causing more significant issues down the line. Staying on top of repairs doesn’t have to be expensive. There are simple car repairs you can take care of by yourself, like replacing your air filter, changing your oil, changing your headlines, and more.

Is Your Keychain Too Heavy?

Did you know that having a heavy keychain can be detrimental for your ignition? Heavy keychains tend to generate tumblers inside the ignition, increasing the chances of your ignition switch failing down the line. Luckily, this is something you can prevent easily. The best thing to do is have a separate keychain for your car keys so your ignition isn't put into stress.

Your Keychain May Be Too Heavy

This might be an issue that you haven’t heard about before, but having a heavy keychain can be detrimental to your ignition. Having a heavy keychain can create tumblers inside your ignition, causing ignition switch failure down the line. Ensure you pay attention to this, and if necessary, keep a separate keychain for your car keys.

To Ensure You Extend Your Car’s Life, Give Your Engine a Synthetic Oil Change in Mansfield

If you want to learn further ways on how to extend your vehicle’s life, speak with a professional at Allons Synthetics in Mansfield, OH. AMSOIL’s Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil is one of the amazing products that ensure your engine is protected for a long period of time. Learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change by calling (800) 558-4921 or visiting the online store today!

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