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The largest day-to-day cost incurred by commercial truck operators is fuel. I remember that when I drove commercial trucks, my normal fuel economy was about six miles per gallon. For the purpose of this example I’m going to use the average of diesel fuel prices across the United States for the years 2013 – 2018. This will give an average over a period of the last six years, which works out to $3.09 per gallon. Since fuel prices can fluctuate widely over time due to many different factors, taking an average across a long period of time will be more accurate. I’m taking the fuel price statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, which can be found HERE

A commercial truck driver, driving 120,000 miles per year with an average fuel economy of six miles per gallon will spend the following on fuel:

1 month: $5,147.94
6 months: $30,887.64
1 year: $61,775.28
5 years: $308,876.40

In recent years, there has been an effort in the industry to increase fuel economy by attempting to streamline the trucks. These efforts range from using various forms of airfoils to removing the rearview mirrors and replacing them with electronic camera systems. However, the airfoils can be damaged easily by snow or road debris, and cameras can fail. What if there was a way to increase fuel economy without modifying the vehicle?

How to SAVE $3750 every year in fuel costs.

To find an answer to this question, Amsoil®, Inc. and Ford Motor Company set out to test if it was possible to increase fuel economy in commercial trucks simply by changing the oil. The protocol they used for this test was the SAE J1321 In-Service Fuel Consumption Test. The result was that commercial trucks equipped with Amsoil® Synthetic Lubricants showed an increase in fuel economy of 6.54% in over-the-road driving conditions. Depending on fuel prices, this could save the average owner-operator of an over-the-road truck as much as $3750.00 every year in fuel costs. 

The same driver with a fuel economy increase of 6.54% (6.39 mpg) will spend the following:

1 month: $4,835.66
6 months: $29,013.96
1 year: $58,027.92
5 years: $290,139.60

Total Savings:

1 month: $312.28
6 months: $1837.68
1 year: $3,747.37
5 years: $18,736.80

Have you been losing on fuel? Let me know!

To read the study, click the following link:Diesel Fleet Fuel Economy Study

My key takeaway was: “Although this study was completed using full-sized semi-trucks and 53’ closed-box trailers, these results can be extrapolated to conclude that the fuel economy benefits extend to all types of fleet applications and can reduce costs in a variety of scenarios, including small fleets accumulating relatively few daily miles per vehicle and larger fleets accumulating significantly more.“

If you’re still reading, it’s probably because you’re wanting to implement these savings for yourself.  To buy Amsoil® at the same wholesale prices I pay click HERE.

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